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Visit Our Wollongong, NSW Location for
Eco Friendly Dry and Wet Cleaning Services

City Central Laundry Services provide top-quality laundry, eco friendly and wet cleaning services and more. We also feature oversized machines available for your convenience. We’re situated in the heart of Wollongong, making it simple to keep clothes fresh!

Our laundrette is clean, fully featured, and provides access to laundry facilities whenever you need them most. Best of all, we offer doona dry/wet cleaning, dry cleaning delivery and same day dry cleaning, making our company one of the most versatile cleaners in town.

Do your laundry at the time that suits you, whether it's late at night, first thing in the morning, or in the middle of the day. City Central Laundry Services are here to provide you with a great wash at all hours of the day.

And don’t forget, we provide free pickup and drop off to the Wollongong CBD and the Illawarra (conditions apply).

Your Local Laundrette

Quality Machines

Our team is constantly updating our washing machines and dryers to ensure you receive the best laundry service possible. We maintain our equipment often, and undertake periodic testing to ensure each machine remains in the best possible working order.

Our facility is gentle on your clothes. On top of that, our machines can handle large loads in one cycle while providing fantastic results. 
Everything You Need

A laundrette is only a convenience if it has the basic features you would expect. Fortunately, all of our equipment is checked daily, and repaired as soon as possible when necessary.

Take a look at the following section to learn more about our innovative facility.
  • Name-brand detergent
  • Ironing boards and folding benches
  • Security cameras and regular patrols
Bring your laundry to City Central Laundry Services in Wollongong and stop dreading your trip to the local laundrette! 
Eco-Friendly Assistance

City Central operates an environmentally conscious laundry service. We have updated all our systems over the years to reduce water usage and ensure the responsible disposal of all waste. We exclusively provide bio-friendly detergents and take other steps to limit the impact that our machines have on the environment. For more information about our eco-friendly operations, please feel free to contact us in Wollongong.  
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